Song Song sing Beijing Winter Olympics awards to the Olympic athletes to cheer

On October 27, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Awards Awards Theme Song "Qi Dynasty Warrior" MV and audio officially open.Song Wei joined the singing camp, helping the Olympics with the song, and cheering for the warriors of the bloody work on the ground.

MV in Song, Song, wearing a white suit, incarnation, winter snow, warm, warm, Beijing Winter Olympics, send a good blessing for Winter Olympics.

When I first came out, Song Yi once gave audience Amway 2008 Beijing Olympic Games theme song "Beijing Welcome", she said when I have finished this song, I can become a member of them.After listening to many times, I also cried many times. I have to start my best from now on going to every second.

As the spirit of the Winter Olympics, use speed and passion to challenge the unknown next second, Song Wei is not expected to look forward, bravely fearlessly, to achieve his dreams.

And positive energy Song Wei, come to the Olympics athlete!.