Shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation Promoting Wheelchair

Original title: Happy life, starting from 62-year-old Dink house living in Heping District, his day, starting from a set of wheelchair Taijiquan.

Open the WeChat group early, open the voice chat mode, with the music slowly, his morning practice begins.

  Dink is a limb second-level disabled person, and is also a member of Shenyang Wheelchair Taiji team. "Our team is working online every day, sometimes I can’t do it.

Ding Ke said, "Half an hour and half an hour, it is very comfortable.

"Before 5 years ago, Shenyang City set up a wheelchair Taiji team. Nowadays, there are nearly 150" grassroots help teachers "in the team’s shoulder-wheelchair Taiji grassroots promotion tasks.

They also help more disabled people to discover sports and lives.

  According to reports, the Wheelchair Taiji started, the Shenyang City Disabled Persons’ Federation actively carried out various forms of promotional activities, and set it into a fixed project of the disabled interest competitive sports competition, effectively promoted the grassroots level Limous disabled people carry a wheelchair training.

  Ding Ke learned the 28-style wheelchair Taijiquan, which was communicated by the Shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation, inviting the coach to make a video textbook, and also hired five coaches of Shenyang Taijiquan Association, which is 13 districts (cities) of the city. Disabled people provide free guidance and training, and the first batch of training is 400 people.

  In order to let more disabled people become the participants of the wheelchair Tai Chi, the Shenyang Disabled Persons ‘Purono Multi-Party Communication, with the help of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, including 18 disabled fitness activities venues, 13 people Disabled Persons in Disabled Persons in District (City) Disabled Persons, Special Education Schools and Community Fitness Rehabilitation Points also organize disabled people to participate in wheelchair Taiji training. In 2017, in 2019, Shenyang City, the 6th Special Olympic Games, Shenyang City Wheelchair Taiji team conducted a report show, attracting many special education school teachers and students to come to seek education; May 2019, 30 wheelchairs in Shenyang Taiji enthusiasts were invited to Qinhuangdao, Hebei, and boarded the Great Wall with the help of volunteers, showing the charm of the wheelchair Taiji … With more portraits, add the Wheel Chair Taiji team in Shenyang, become "grassroots help", with Shenyang The Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation drives the grassroots association and public welfare agencies to enter the community, streets, and rural areas to carry out wheelchair Taiji performances. More and more people return to happiness. (Editor: Wang Swun, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.