Women’s row of superior military competition Shanghai 10 lead Guangdong

  Xinhua News Agency, Jiangmen, December 15 (Reporter Wang Meiyu, Wang Haiming) On the evening of the 15th, in the 2020-2021 season China Women’s Volleyball Super League, the Shanghai team 3: 0 lightly tested US foreign aid Robinson’s lack of Guangdong team, total score 1: 0 leads. At the whole game, the Shanghai team is fully dominant, and the bulls and block scores are leading 48:34 and 10: 5, respectively. After the first game was 9: 9, the newly joined the Shanghai team’s high-intention network was prosperous, Lipman countered continuously, the Shanghai team opened the score with a small height of 6: 0, then won the first 25:19 Bureau.

  The second bureau has been more tenacious, and it is 10 to 17 flat. At this time, Larsen from the United States suddenly broke out, and the team was hit 8: 1 small climax, and the Shanghai team 25:18 will then down.

  The third bureau’s Guangdong team is unable to resist. As early as 9:17, the Shanghai team easily ended the competition for 25:15.

  Larson, Lipman and Zhang Jian contributed 16 points, 15 points and 14 points, respectively, add 8 points higher, including 4 block scores.

  The third game of the third place used three games, and the second contest of both parties will be held on the 16th.