Yizhong Water Conservancy Project Huize

"Since the construction of the Water Conservancy Project, the water source has been guaranteed, the production efficiency is high, the cost is also reduced, the heart has the bottom." Guanling Autonomous County Yuts Sub-district Office, the big tree village, vegetable planting contractor Chen Dajie road.

After the construction of the Water Conservancy Project (hereinafter referred to as "中 工程"), Chen Dajie has contracted hundreds acres of land specializing in vegetables along the channel irrigation. When you are busy, you will hire more than 20 villagers for more than 20 villagers, per capita pays about 100 yuan To give a certain extent, the labor force idle in the village will be diges. The Shuimo Housing Project Company is a construction management unit of Guizhou Shuiyuan Group.

Since the construction and investment of self-starting, the local people have built a small-scale water conservancy project that improves the basic living environment of the rural areas along the project, which involves six branches, Zhenning, general, and Xiuxiu area. In the Town, Pilu County, the Town of Dashan Town, Zhenning Autonomous County, the water supply water is built, which has strongly improved the quality of life of the local people and helping the country’s revitalization. "Pulling 黄 天下 闻, color like a three-bedroom." Puking County is a long history, 2014 National Geographic Logo Protection Products.

In 2016, the project has a water condition and gradually put into use, and Puding County will be the development of "one county and one industry".

Today, the scale of Puping County has reached 100,000 mu, which has become the first largest county in the country.

Zhongzhong Project is the first large, cross-regional, cross-river basin, long distance water distribution project in Guizhou Province, which is mainly comprehensive utilization of irrigation and urban water supply, and takes into account power generation to solve engineering water shortage in China. Since 2018, it is gradually solving the irrigation of 42 urban water supply, 4 counties in 4 counties in 4 counties along the project along the project. Water safety problems in the region, guarantee food production safety, providing strong water protection for economic and social development in the sizes.

At the beginning of the project construction, due to many factors, there were no convenience roads in the area of ??the project, and some of the reasons for topography needed to build a private bridge but have not been built, and the local people travel extremely inconvenient.

The company has always adhered to the people-oriented thinking. In-depth promotion of "I do practical things for the masses", will solve the problem of "I have a practical thing to do for the masses" along the line, listen to the status of the local people After the local government departments, the roads in the Huangda Village, Huangdo Township, Xixiu District, Xixiu District, Anshun City were constructed and upgraded. During the organizational project "Three-way" construction period, in order to ensure the efficient advancement of the project, the temporary traffic ropeway has been built on both sides of Pingzhai Reservoir, which provides convenience for the daily travel of local villagers.

Since the cableway is constructed in accordance with the construction of the construction of the project in the construction, the service is only 5 years.

When the project is completed, the service is full, and the company has implemented closed deactivation for the cableway bridge.

In order not to affect the villagers of the local left and right sides of the country, Zhongzhong Company raised the convenience of the convenience of the people in the Pingzhai Reservoir to raise a human car in the convenience of the convenience, and set up the "Connected Bridge" in the condensation to help the rural revitalization. "Thick planting is the people’s feelings, the enthusiasm is sleepy, these real truths, not only solve the problem of some villages in some villages along the line, but also let the project along the line to enjoy the" " Dragon ‘. "The Manager of the Sanzhong Company said. (Yang Min, Li Mingfeng) (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.