Xugong No. 11111 sets of high-end road construction in high-end road in the upper line

The 11111st venues of Xugong offline. People’s Network Yan Feng photo People’s Network Xuzhou November 11th (Yan Feng) On the 11th, Xugong Production of the 11111 intelligent paver officially launched, marking Xugong’s road construction maintenance machinery manufacturing is high-end Ranks.

On the same day, a group of high-end road maintenance machinery products named "Sky" also released. According to reports, the stored model model of the next line is RP1355T, which adopts a new design, and has been configured with a new generation of high-strength ironing board. The overall rigid product has increased by 60%, torsional deformation It is also reduced by 40%, which has added intelligent dumping control systems to achieve better anti-discovery effects and apparent quality, which can meet the needs of large width asphalt pavements.

The RP1355T sets the user’s intelligent demand for asphalt pavement. It is one of the replacement products of Xugong in the field of road maintenance machinery. It has a number of autonomous technology. The paver is a construction equipment mainly used for the road, mainly the grassroots and surface layers of the highway (mainly asphalt) paving operations.

In 1988, the first asphalt concrete pavement machine in China was successfully launched by Xugong. Since this break the history of the industry’s products being monopoly, after more than 30 years of attack and independent innovation, Xugong production paver products More than 11,000 units, the width of the paving work has also been developed from the initial 3 meters to 24 meters, and it has achieved quality breakthrough in the field of intelligence and automation, and a group of unhaly automated products also put into practical operations. At the low-line ceremony of the product held on the same day, Xugong also issued a number of new high-end products, these high-end road maintenance products named "Sky Mirror", including asphalt stations, milling machines, flat machines, pavers, The five categories of the roller machine, the system is more refined to use intelligent unmanned clustering technology, further enhances the ability of Xugong to make a set of mechanical manufacturing, intelligent equipment. Wang Min, Chairman of Xugong Group Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said that road machinery is the advantageous sector of Xugong’s traditional, experienced the joint efforts of the 73 years of change and several generations of Xu workers. .

From January to October of this year, the road division has increased from year-on-year, and the international income increased by 142% year-on-year, and the new era of high quality development in Xugongcheng maintenance machinery was completed. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.