We have a new sports farm in the new semester.

The bright runway, the green lawn, with the teaching building, dress up the autumn campus.

Looking at the students who played in the newly completed sports field, the second middle school president of the city is very happy. "Have the playground of your own school, is the enthusiastic wishes of teachers and students in the whole school for many years, this year is finally dreaming.

The completion and investment of the playground has greatly improved the school’s condition and improved the school facilities and enhanced the level of school.

In the future, we can open the sports meeting in our playground, and students can usually go to sports class in the school and promote the comprehensive development of the school. According to Wang Yingzi, deputy director of the Education and Science and Technology Bureau of the Science and Technology Bureau, the Tiaogun City invests nearly 9 million yuan in 2021, and built a soft synthetic material for the second middle school, the third middle school, and Suqen School. Sports field, more than 1800 beneficiaries, and the three schools ended in the "earth runway" and training history, reducing sports damage, improving sports training effect, and enhancing physical fittings, and also for school Standardization construction complements the short board, which has strongly promotes the pace of high quality development in the city. (Qin Xuwei Zhang Hong) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.