Yuping held 2021 Elderly Cadre Symposium and County Fourteenth Party Congress Report Scrupion Symposium

On October 17, the 20021 National Cadre Symposium and the 14th Party Congress of the Federal Cadre in the Yutong Autonomous County reported a symposium. Yang Qiming, secretary of the County Party Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking. Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, County People’s Government County Guanting, Tanxing, the county leaders Yaofen, Wang Kaiyuan attended the meeting.

The meeting notified the economic and social development of the county in the first half of 2021, and the party congress reported drafting.

Subsequently, the old cadres made a serious discussion in the practice of Yuping, combined with the Report of the Party Congress (Draft for Comment), and focused on the overall development of the county, from the aspect of the project, industrial development, all domain tourism, rural revitalization, urban and rural planning, etc. suggestion. Yang Qiming Tian Xingguo listened, detailed records, and one by one, to care about the development of the old leaders, the old comrades, pay attention to the future, the valuable advice and recommendations of the Objective and Temcer. Thank you.

Yang Qiming demanded that the drafting group of the county party congress reported that the drafting group should be carefully summoned, fully adopted the opinions and suggestions proposed by the absorption, further revision of the improvement report, ensuring the objective summary of the project, and scientific pragmatic planning for the next five years development of. It is necessary to closely surround the "four new" main attack "four", borrow a good integrated industry to develop Dongfeng, give full play to the dominant industry, 500 mu of dam area, leading enterprises, combined with the actual, uncomfortable, to put all the deployments to practice Further promoting the high-quality development of Yuping’s economy and society, and continues to enhance the feelings of the people.

The old cadre representative, the county direct department is responsible for comrades, and the report of the drafting group participates in the meeting.

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