What is the evaluation of the battleship from the perspective of modern war?

  Production: Popular China Military Science and Technology Frontier Author: Wang Teng Planning: Jinhe Production: Guangming Net Technology Netizen Ask: From the perspective of modern war, why is the battle ship? The battleship is a class of ships that many people like, the design concept of "giant ship + cannon" also earns eyeballs, and it also plays a huge role in World War II. Even the signing ceremony of Japan surrender is chosen in the "Missouri" battleship, how "scenery" in the battle is in World War II. Even after World War I, the "Missouri" battles were deployed in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, to shock Turkey, Greece, Italy and the Soviet Union.

Before entering Pearl Harbor, it has even participated in the Gulf War before entering Pearl Harbor.

Figure: The important sign of the battleship is the large diameter artillery of its equipment, and the fire is shocked, but unfortunately, the era of the battleship has passed. In fact, in the late Second World War, the aircraft carrier is from the military.

The design concept of "Giant Ship + Cannon" makes it serious air defense capabilities. The Japanese Navy’s big sum, the battleship of Musashi is also sinking by the US military carrier.

After World War II, countries transfer gravity to the development of the aircraft carrier. With the advancement of electronic technology, the air defense technology leaps, the battleship is the stage of the era, disappearing in the historic stage.图 注: The US Navy "Yahua" battleship two portboard artillery issues from the perspective of modern war, the "weakness of the battleship", the advantage is small. " The significant feature of the battleship is that the ship deck is thick, the ship is large, and some of the ships have even reached 305 mm. Since there is no guidance of the weapon, the battleship attack is low, and the powerful cannon is concentrated in the ship, forming the most powerful weapon at the time. However, in the modern war, the strongest attack weapon is the number of non-missiles. In the case where the missile attack is mainly, the advantage of the caliber has been replaced by the development of missile technology. At the same time, the hit accuracy of the missile is that the shooting cannot be combined.