Where to play May Day holiday?Agricultural Rural Division 55 Spring Boutique Lines and 176 Streaming Attractions

This event passed the scene of the country pastoral scene, inheriting the country farming culture, and showing the effectiveness of rural folk, showing rural national customs, etc..Such as Shanghai Chongming "Flowers in China Dream · Ecological Chongming Tour", with the 10th China Flower Expo Festival Festival, attract the public to Chongming Island; Hubei Zhijiang Bailezhou rely on traditional rice culture, to create a farming experience park; ZhejiangOpen money Jiangyuan poetry scenery with the theme of appreciation of rapeseed, printing front tea, traveling, Jiangyuan, and developing the bee industry, combining the flower economy and the development of the bee industry, driving income, etc.This year, "May 1" small holiday, come to a rural tour!(Editor: Li Yuan, Gao Lei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.