[Market Supervision Bureau] Tibet’s first standardized exhibition hall opened

  Recently, the Tibet Autonomous Region Standardization Exhibition Hall is officially opened.

  According to reports, the Tibet Autonomous Region Standardization Hall is the first exhibition hall in our district.

The exhibition hall is divided into four parts, including standardized development history, international and domestic standardization development history, Tibet standardized results display and geographical logo product display. The pavilion spreads to the district social group, the people in the district, and the people’s masses in the exhibition hall. Director of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Administration said in the opening ceremony, and the Standardization Exhibition Hall of the Tibet Autonomous Region is a smooth outcome of the development of the standardization in our district. Standardized publicity in all districts should be all-round, multi-channel standardized propaganda, talking about standardization stories, vigorously cultivate the development of standardized culture, and take this as an opportunity, based on the new development stage, implement new development concept, further strengthen the standardization and knowledge of our district Property work, creating new results, and continuously enhances a greater role in building new development patterns and continuously enhances standardization supply capacity and service level.

  According to the staff of the Standardization Research Institute of Autonomous Region, the Tibet Autonomous Region Standardization Exhibition Hall has been prepared to receive relevant government agencies, enterprises and institutions and social masses, welcome people from all walks of life to visit.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.